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You know you want to. ;D

So, You Want to Contact Us

Sure, but to prevent spam I have a few guidelines for you and myself. Don't add me on MSN, because this is just a basic email account. I have nothing on there, everything is on my real email account. This is just for the website, so there is no point of spamming it. It will not annoy me. I would greatly appreciate it if you only contacted me with this email, in case you know my real one, because the following email is the only place I will read it. I will check my inbox at least once a day, and will more than likely reply.

Forms of Contact


  3. MyKissofDeathff - livejournal
  4. MyKissofDeath - FanFiction
  5. MyKissofDeath - DeviantArt
  6. WikiTalk


How/What to Ask

Like I said, I do try to lead a simple life, but I do have some certain basic forms you should refer to if you wish to contact me about different things.

Guide Question

Simply, a question on something in the guide. No necessarily to do with the game.

Within It
  • Subject: Guide Question
  • Part of Guide:
  • Name:
  • Contact Email:

Guide Correction

If there is a grammar, spelling or walkthrough error just itching at you...

Within It
  • Subject: Guide Correction
  • Part of Guide:
  • Type of Correction:
  • Correction:
  • Name:
  • Contact Email:

Game Help

If you need further help in any part of the Sinnoh Pokémon games.

Within It
  • Subject: Game Help
  • City/Route:
  • Problem:
  • Pokémon on Team:
  • Name:
  • Contact Email:


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